Food and Wine in Caorle



Not only cosy city centre, golden beach and nature paths, Caorle is also well known for its rich food and wine offer.


If you ask your holiday also good culinary offert with diverse and tasty dishes, in Caorle your palate won’t be disappointed! In fact here you can find fresh and quality products grown in the surrounding – from fish to vegetables – and high quality products, like DOC wines.

Typical food from Caorle: the fish


Caorle food and wine specialties and typical food has deep roots in the Venetian culinary traditions.

Since it is a fishermen’s village, from ever since Caorle cuisine is founded on a special product: the fish. Eledones, cuttlefishes, scallops and squids are some of the main ingredients of tasty dishes that you can order in the restaurants of the beach resort. The scent of cooked fish pervades the streets of the old city centre at lunch and dinnertime (and it will tempt you too if you will be walking along its calles).


“Pasta al nero di sepia” (sepia ink pasta), “Sardee in saor”, boiled “moscardini” (eledones) are some of the traditional recipes of Caorle, many of them shared with nearby Venice town. And let’s talk about the daily fresh fruit and vegetable grown in the countryside behind Caorle, sold to the public in the weekly market and in the farming cooperatives of the area. Apples, peaches, pears, grapes, but also radicchio or white asparagus that find in the sandy soil the perfect growing habitat.

Fresh products and local excellence


Since the food and wine tradition is so important in local culture and everyday life, it is normal to bump into peasant festivals and events that celebrate special products. In the same way it is possible to follow food and wine itineraries dedicated to special products; these itineraries are also good because they create a network between producers and are an opportunity for them to meet the final consumers.


“Strade dei vini” (wine roads) are for sure the most famous: in Caorle hinterland you can travel along the ones of DOC wines of Lison-Pramaggiore and of Piave wines, but you can also reach the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, area of production of the namesake Prosecco.


In this area of the website you can find all the information useful to discover the food and wine side of Caorle and its hinterland.


2. Typical recipes from Caorle


If you want to take home the typical cuisine from Caorle you are in the right place! Consult the typical recipes of Caorle that we gathered here for you. Test yourself recreating at your place the typical tastes of Caorle cuisine and surprise friends and family.


2.1. Recipe of “Broeto de seppe” of Caorle


Ingredients for 6 people:

3 Kg. of cuttlefish

1 glass of dry white

Half glass of vinegar

Half glass of water

Half little tube of tomato concentrate




10 ml of oil


Cooking time: 50 min.


Preparation of Broeto de seppe:

Clean the cuttlefish, wash them, peel away the skin, the bone, the entrails, and the ink bag. Cut them in pieces (not too small).

In a cup mix half glass of vinegar with water and tomato concentrate. In a pan sauté garlic and oil, then add cuttlefish, wine, salt and pepper. Let season for 5 minutes with lively flame.


Decrease the flame and continue cooking for other 20 minutes. Now pour the mixture of vinegar and tomato concentrate and keep cooking under a low flame for other 20 minutes.

Serve the hot cuttlefish with polenta.


Recommended wines:

Pinot Grigio D.O.C. Venezia

Merlot D.O.C. Lison-Pramaggiore


2.2. Recipe of “Canoce in umido” of Caorle


Ingredients for 4 people:

20 squills

200 gr. Of mature tomatoes



Half glass of dry white wine


Chili pepper


Cooking time: 40 min.


Preparation of “Canoce in umido”:

Clean the squills, cut them on the sides with scissors, remove the membrane and wash them in abundant cold water (you can also avoid to remove the membrane) and drain them.


Meanwhile peel the garlic, wash it and squash it; wash the parsley, dry it and cut it.


Sear the tomatoes in hot water, drain them, peel them, remove the seeds and the water and cut them coarsely.

Put the oil in a pan with parsley, chilli pepper and garlic, sauté for some minutes and remove the garlic. Add the squills and sauté them for 2-3 minutes under lively flame, add the tomatoes and the salt.

Keep cooking for 10/15 minutes.

Serve the squills when still hot, covering them with left-over parsley.


Recommended wines:

Pinot Grigio D.O.C. Venezia

Merlot D.O.C. Lison-Pramaggiore


2.3. Recipe of fritto misto of Caorle

Frittura di pesce

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 Kg. of assorted fish (cuttlefish, prawns, shrimps, small soles, small surmullets, squids, etc.)

200 gr. flour

1 lt. of seed oil to fry

2 lemons



Cooking time: 45 min.


Preparation of fritto misto:

Clean the fish removing shells, fishbones, entrails, etc., wash it and drain it

Wash the cuttlefish and squids and cut them in circles.

Put the oil in a pan with high border and warm it.

Cover the fish with flour, removing exceeding flour. Put the fish in the boiling oil, some pieces at a time, starting from cuttlefish and squids that need to be cooked longer.


When the fish is golden drain it with a small pierced shovel and put it on kitchen towels to remove the exceeding drippings.

Put the fish in a big dish, salt the fish and shake it so that the salt flavours all the parts.

Serve the fish with lemons cut into slices.


Recommended wines:

Lison D.O.CG. Classico

Tai D.O.C. Piave


2.4. Recipe of “Moscardini lessi” of Caorle


Ingredients for 4 people:

1 kg of moscardini (eledones)





Lemon and/or vinegard


Cooking time: 40 min.


Preparation of moscardini lessi:

Wash the eledones under the water after removing the mouth and eyes. Boil the water in a pot: keep the eledones body and immerse a couple of times the tentacles so that they curl, than drop the eledones in the pot.

Cook from 20 to 40 minutes according to the size.

Remove them from the water, cut them and season them with oil, pepper, salt, parsley, garlic, lemon juice and/or vinegard.

Serve them warm.


Variation: Moscardini and potatoes.

Add to the previous ingredients 500 gr. Of boiled potatoes and a slice of garlic


Recommended wine:

Lison DOCG Classico


2.5. Recipe of “Risotto de pesse” of Caorle

risotto alla pescatore1

Ingredients for 4 people:


300 gr. rice

800 gr. clams

130 gr. cuttlefish

130 gr. squids

4 crab claws

2 slices of garlic


1 carrot

1 celery

2 onions

Tomato concentrate




Cooking time: 50 min.


Preparation of fish risotto:

Sauté the garlic and the parsley in the oil, add the washed clams and let them cook till they are all open. Remove the shells and cut them coarsely.

Filter them and keep their cooking water. In another pot boil the rest of the fish with an onion, the celery, carrot and salt. Cut the fish into pieces and lightly fry the grinded onion. Add the clams and their cooking water where you melted two little spoons of tomato concentrate.

Add also the other fishes and let them simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the rice and cook everything adding the hot fish broth you left behind.

Serve it al dente.


Recommended wine:

Lison D.O.CG. Classico


2.6. Recipe of “Sarde in saor” of Caorle

Sarde in saor

Sarde in saor are one of the most savoury dishes of the Venetian cuisine, authentic invention of the poor fishermen of the past. To keep the sardines that they didn’t sell, they used to half fry them and keep them in the same cooking oil.


Ingredients for 4 people:

600 g of fresh sardines

2 onions

40 ml of white vinegar


Frying oil



Cooking time: 65 min.


Preparation of Sarde in saor:

Clean the sardines removing the head and the intestine; then open them and remove the fishbones. Wash them under flowing water, drain them, cover them with flour and fry them in boiling oil. When they are browned on both sides remove them from the pan with a pierced spoon and put them on a kitchen towel.

Peel and cut the onions, put them in a pan with some spoons of hot oil and let them sauté under lively flame till they get golden. Add the vinegar and let it simmer for a couple of minutes, then remove the pan from the flame.


In a terrine create a layer of sardines, salt them and put over it a portion of the drained onions, add some hot vinegar and continue with the layers.

At the end add the whole remaining vinegar, which has to completely cover the fish.

Seal the terrine with cooking film and let the sardines marinate in a cold place for at least one day before serving them.

Variation: add pine nuts and raisin.


2.7. Recipe of “Spagheti coi canestrei” of Caorle

spaghetti coi canestrei

Ingredients for 4 people:

About 15 scallops for each person

300 gr. of spaghetti


White wine


Pepper or chilli pepper


Minced parsley


Cooking time: 40 min.


Preparation of spaghetti with scallops:

Open the scallops and wash them removing the valves and liver, sauté in a pan a slice of garlic with oil (add if you like some chilli pepper) and when golden remove it. Add the scallops, the white wine and let it evaporate for some minutes. Spice with salt and pepper.

Put in the pan the al dente spaghetti, adding in case of need some cooking water.

Add the minced parsley, add some oil and serve warm


Recommended wine:

Chardonnay D.O.C. Lison-Pramaggiore


2.8. Recipe of “Spagheti coi zotoi” of Caorle

spaghetti con gli zottoli 530x225 530x216

Ingredients for 4 people:

320 gr. of spaghetti

300 gr. of zotoli



Chilli pepper



A glass of dry white wine


Cooking time: 30 min.


Preparation of spaghetti with the zotoli:

Wash the zotoli and remove the eyes. Cook in a pan oil, garlic, some chilli pepper and add the zotoli; then add the glass of wine.

Salt it and let it cook under lively flame for 10/15 minutes.

With this sauce season the al dente spaghetti adding the minced parsley.

Zotoli are little cuttlefish, they are fished at the end of the Winter and at the beginning of Spring.


Recommended wines:

Chardonnay D.O.C. Lison-Pramaggiore

Pinot Grigio D.O.C. Venezia


3. Food and wine itineraries in Caorle surroundings


Besides the beautiful beach, Caorle can entertain with many things to do that become numerous if you are willing to distance the city centre and the sea and go exploring the hinterland.

By car (or in some cases also by bike), for example, you can reach itineraries created to enhance local excellences: food and wine itineraries that let you discover local products in the place they are produced.

The food and wine itineraries in Caorle surroundings will bring you in rural landscapes surrounded by grapevine plantations where the grapes ripen and then harvested to be transformed in worldwide precious wines. It will be interesting to discover how red, white, dry and sparkling wines are produced in the Veneto wineries, buying them directly from the producers.

But not only wine, also typical food like fruit and vegetable that have been honoured of DOP and IGP certifications: they can be tasted in the menus of restaurants strewn along the food and wine itineraries in Caorle surroundings.


3.1. Strada dei vini DOC Lison Pramaggiore

3.2. Strada del Conegliano Valdobbiadene (DA FARE NUOVO)

3.3.Strada dei vini del Piave




4. Local products of Caorle and surroundings


Each expected holiday includes relax, fun and good food. Obviously in Caorle you can have them all, but the food is certainly unique.  

Weather you want to give yourself a tasty lunch or dinner in Caorle pizzeria, restaurants or pubs, or you prefer to cook something savoury in your rented flat by the sea, in Caorle you can count on a wide choice of local fresh products that are the main ingredient for healthy and tasty dishes.


For example, there is the fresh fish fished early in the morning and sold daily in the fish shops of the city, or the products of the soil grown in the farms (like for example Ca’ Corniani) sold at the weekly market. The local products of Caorle and surroundings among which you can choose are so many.


4.1. Moscardino of Caorle

Moscardino is a small mollusc very common in the Mediterranean Sea. It favours the sandy and mouldy sea bottoms of High Adriatic area between 15 and 90 mt deep.


In Caorle there are many moscardini, for this reason for centuries the fishermen specialized in the fishing of these small molluscs. They are fished all year round and you can easily find them in the fish shops and in the supermarkets of Caorle and surroundings.


The flesh of the moscardino is low fat and rich in proteins, potassium, phosphorus and collagen. For its properties it is suggested in diets. Moreover, due to its characteristics the institutions have started the process of recognition of the IGP certification for Caorle moscardino.

The best way to eat moscardino is boiled or stewed: if you want to cook at your place the typical Caorle moscardini read the recipe of Moscardini lessi (LINK)


4.2. White asparagus of Bibione

There is another famous beach resort situated few km far from Caorle, it’s Bibione. Bibione is also famous because of a typical product that grows in that area, the white asparagus.

The growing of white asparagus was introduces in the area in 1960s by exiled from Istria who were forced to leave their homeland and so established in Bibione and surroundings. They carried with them knowledge about the growing of asparagus. The sandy soil revealed itself to be perfect to host the asparagus plants, which grow luxuriant in Bibione.


Using white asparagus you can make very good risotto, but boiled asparagus are also appreciated. In the specific it is common in Veneto to eat them with boiled eggs.


To celebrate the white asparagus in Bibione, every year a festival is organized (usually at the end of April).


4.3. Local wine

Wide fields and vineyards characterize Caorle hinterland landscape. Especially vineyards, with their regular shape and tidy structure that creates nice perspectives, are one of the prides of the area because from their grapes precious wines are produced.


If you leave behind the beach and head to Marango or the countryside of Lison, Pramaggiore, Annone Veneto and Mazzolada vineyards and wineries are recurring.

This area is called DOC Lison-Pramaggiore and is well known for its red wines but also the delicate and flavoured white wines.

Among the red wines we have to mention the full-bodied Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco, while among the whites you have to sip Verduzzo, Chardonnay and Tai.

If you go in the wineries that directly sell to customers you can take home a precious souvenir of Caorle and its territory at a fair price.


Here more information about Strada dei Vini del Lison-Pramaggiore. (LINK)


4.4. Fruit and vegetable in Caorle

Fundamental of a healthy nutrition is fruit and vegetable. Better if we know where they are coming from and that they are biologically grown.


The countryside around Caorle has a typical rural landscape ever since consecrated to the growth of wheat and corn but also to fruit trees and vegetables.


Fresh land products can be bought in shops of Caorle and surroundings, and sometimes directly by the producers who, according to the season and availability, put on the road signs where is written “Mele”, “Pere”, “Angurie”, “Radicchio” (apples, pears, watermelon, radicchio…)

You just need to stop by and ask the farmers to take home fresh local products. Otherwise go to the weekly market that takes place every Saturday morning in Caorle or in the surrounding towns (Porto S. Margherita on Tuesday night, Duna Verde on Wednesday night).


5. Food and wine events in Caorle

Food and wine in Caorle is pretty important, for that reason in the city and its surroundings there are many festivals celebrating the local products. They are often an opportunity for locals to meet each other and spend time in the community.

During the summer the food and wine events are more common both in the city centre and in the villages around. If you add the festival and peasant fests organized in the hinterland you can choose among a rich calendar of events.


Don’t forget to read the event calendar of Caorle (LINK) to be up-to-date about the events taking place in the beach resort and its surroundings.


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