InstagrammiAMO CAORLE

Are you passionate about Instagram? Or did you fall in love with Caorle? If your answers are yes, these may be the perfect event for you

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Thanks to the sponsorship of,, and Ascom Association, we are proUd to introduce you InstagrammiAMO CAORLE. It is a part of the “Social Media und Digital Promo” Project organized by and it consist in three events dedicated to the discover of what are the treasures of the city.

The first date starts from the Chiosco HAVANA, on the East Beach. This afternoon Fiammetta and Renzo will give us some bikes to discover the wildness of Caorle and the lagoon. Once back to the Chiosco Havana, Laura and Alberto will offer us a fresh drink or some tasteful snacks.

Wednesday the 22 of July will be an Instawalk into the city centre, walking between the colorful small houses of the Oldtown.

Together with a local guide, we will show you the oldest monument of Caorle. This time Gerry, the Good Cafè's owner invite us to take a drink in his bright location with WIFI.

The third date (5th August) will take place on the West Beach, an area full of shops, hotels and bars. The starting location will be the Hotel Michelangelo and we will rent again the bikes and we will ride along the Livenza's River up to Porto Santa Margherita. We also take the ferry boat!

Today we will have a special friend: Chiara, a MTB guide of From Sand to Rock.



 Don't miss the date and be the first attendee:

East Beach – 1st July at CHIOSCO Havana, free registration

Old town – 22th July at Good Cafè, free registration

West Beach – 5th August at Hotel Michelangelo, free registration 


The first 15 attendee will get the official gadgets of the event. 

Add your name at the list!

Enjoy a funny afternoon discovering the beauty of Caorle!

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