Making old fishing tradition new again

The fishing boat returns to the harbor after a hard night fishing.


 Everyday the fishermen unload the fresh fish and then they bring it to the fishing market. It located few steps away from the “Rio Interno” and it starts the old tradition of the ear auction. What we briefly tell you is the maritime story that finally came back to the city centre of Caorle, where the fishing market building of Riva delle Caorline became operative again. Based in the picturesque fishing harbor the brand new location seems to be functional for the maritime business in Caorle and aboveall it stays in the right context.

“It took at least five years building the new construction, in the mean while the market was temporarily move to Sansonessa”


The lack of the fisheries wholesale market was a proper pain for the maritime soul of Caorle, whereas all the residents and the tourists are now happy to see each step of the fresh fish unloading. Everyone who loves Caorle, knows that starting from the early hours of the afternoon it is possibile to watch the fishermen with the crates full of fresh fish coming from the Adriatic sea. 

But let’s talk about the fish selling mode. The old tradition is based on an ear auction, it means after seeing the seafood crates each buyer whisper into  auctioneer’s ear its own secret offer. After collecting the offers, the auctioneer invites the person, who expressed the highest offer, to repeat it loudly. In this way each potential buyer verifies the correct selling procedure.

PescepescatograndeAs soon as possible, the fishing market will have a stronger connection with both residents and tourists and the building of the Riva delle Caorline could be a retail store for all. In this way people could buy the fresh fish of the Adriatic sea such as mullets, small pelagic fish species, cuttlefish, sea breams, clams, scallops, smooth clams. And the musky octopus? It is a species of octopus that lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from having a unique taste, scientists claim it has powerful anti-aging properties, for these reasons this small octopus became the mascotte of Caorle, aka Marino Moscardino. Some species are really delicious, others are the so called blue fishes (pesce povero in italian) and following the old recipes, also the latter become very tasty.



So don’t miss this opportunity. Experience the real soul of Caorle and taste the fresh fish of the fishing market few steps from the old town.




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