Come to Caorle, it is a worthy destination

This time it is not a suggestion of team

to book your next holiday, but guests like you are recommending Caorle!

Thank to the survey named “Rileva  Caorle”, sponsored by the Consorzio Arenili Caorle, it came to light the 98 % of tourists lying in the beach of Caorle would recommend the city to  and friends. So it is no bad thing for the Perla dell'Adriatico.

But what is exactly  “Rileva Caorle”? It is the first opinion poll made in Caorle in which the data are based on a representative sample. Some interviewers carried out a survey during July and August 2014 in both the west beach and the east beach. They subjected 703 tourists a questionnaire and they answered under the sun brand umbrella (Consorzio Arenili). The questionnaire was a multilanguage Open and Closed Question. After the collection and the elaboration, the results was presented last month during the a conference in the Sala di Rappresentanza. The speakers of the presentation were Riccardo Rothmuller, the Chairman of the Consorzio Arenili Caorle, the Mayor Luciano Striuli, Francesco Gusso, the Council Member for Tourism and Michele Scarabello, technician of the firm that carried out the survey (Omniter).

The results are undoubtedly gratifying to Caorle. The quality of services offered by the city achieves the mark 8 (out of 10) in almost  every category (beach services, children services, beach accessibility, available space between sun umbrellas, quality of restaurants and beach bars, safeguarding, quality of waste collection). Some issues that match sufficiently the customer needs achieved the mark 7.

That is way it stand out the need to increase the events, the music, the cinema and the kids amusements and for sure the promotion of them.

The essential point is the achievement of the tourist satisfaction and above all that many people return to visit Caorle (more than half interviewees told they would be return to Caorle and almost one out four interviewed declared he has been in Caorle five times). The credits for this success belongs to:

- the kindness of operators (the average mark plenty exceed the mark 8);

- the beauty of the historical centre;

- the perception of tranquility offered by the seaside;

And almost the 23% of people, told  “EVERYTHING ” has a positive outlook.

The results confirm Caorle is not a city for orderlies (despite the presence of over 65) but the travellers are mostly young families ( 30 and 45 years old) together with young children or however preteens.

Moreover the survey allowed to collect more information about the booking process. Over the last year internet obtained a high share for travel reservation in Caorle. In fact, also the online booking created by and the Associazione Albergatori di Caorle is even increasing the visits. So try it now and enjoy the best of Caorle 2015!

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