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CAORLE JULY 18, 2014  Wild Love Tour adventuring the beautiful Caorle, Italy

outfitted with shades compliments of  Caorle Spiaggia.


A day spent at the beach soaking up the rays in hopes to become a lesser florescent shade of white, watching the sailboats coming to shore. The diversity intrigued me, families, young people, and retirees from all over the world all here to enjoy what this city has to offer.

I spent time browsing all the boutiques, such as my personal favorite the appropriately nautical Blue Est Sailing Wear. I recommend venturing throughout the whimsical streets, then once you’ve worked up a hunger some fresh locally caught fish is a must, which you’ll find at any of the many restaurants!
Then one of the major highlights was our sunset bike ride to the countryside past by campsites, and the cornfields which warmed my heart with the familiarity of the States. Nearby are “the casoni” along the lagoon, replicas of huts, which existed 15 centuries ago where families took refuge in during the invasion of Attila, and is now where the local fisherman stay.
Caorle proved to be a quaint family friendly spot that swells with excitement as the sun fades. People fill the outdoor bars to enjoy a refreshing sea breeze, and a glass of Prosecco, which this region of Italy is famous for. I finishined my evening with a picture perfect walk along the sea watching the moon reflect on the water with the award winning Casa Del Gelato’s  fig gelato in hand.
To think a week ago I’d never even heard of this beautiful place and it’s my latest mission to tell the world about this secret on the Adriatic coast. Annual vacations or a weekend with friends Caorle will not disappoint, I highly recommend you all check it out for next getaway!
Brooke and Becky of Wild Love Tour will be traveling  throughout Europe this summer, next stop, Rome -stay tuned!

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