The A.C.A ’s official Booking

Associazione Albergatori Caorle : a convenience for both local   accommodation structures and guests.

 The tourism field needs easier, faster and  even more affordable online booking systems, similarly accommodation structures match against guests that firstly are users, surfers and presumers, namely people who have a great knowledge about seasonal prices and can quickly compare services and features touching the smart phone’s screen. 

Keeping up with the Internet pace, the connection between A.C.A. and strengthen itself. In 2012 they decided to enhance the tourism promotion web platform, thanks to a local on-line booking service. 

The A.C.A Associazione Albergatori Caorle’s official Booking is the brand new on-line service which allows each A.C.A.’s member (Hotels, Residences, Aparthotel, etc..) making rooms and rates available. 

In this way every potential visitor has the opportunity to book its holiday directly on 

The on-line booking’s aim is to digitize, to automatize information, but above all to simplify the reservation process and to stop wasting time looking for the perfect accommodation. 

Bookingfor is fully responsible for the proper functioning of the system, it guarantees confidentiality, privacy and safety during the reservation. That is to say, the on-line booking provides a secure transaction between the hotel and the user without paying any commission fees to a third party. In this way the hotel can fully control not only its own offer, but also its demand: through the booking the user gets directly in touch with the local structures and not with other tourism intermediaries. 

The main characteristic of our on-line booking is undoubtedly the quality of the relationship between tourism structures and potential guests. On one hand the hotel is in charge of updating informations and prices, on the other hand the user can check room rates and availability.

Furthermore the user can easily find all the information about Caorle, only visiting a unique web portal.

For all these reasons it is important to create a synergic and interactive tourism output based not only on accommodations firms. The coordination between every local firm involved in the tourism sector should be the goal on the creation of the tourism experience, namely restaurants, bars, shops. 

Last but not least we want show you the economic convenience our e-booking platform. From the supply-side point of view, the hotels do not pay any commission fees to other portals, from the consumer point of view, it is simply to find the best rates and to obtain tailor-made offers from the hotels. 

Therefore if you are going to take a vacation in Caorle, please visit the tourism portal In few steps you can book an ad hoc holiday. Moreover the A.C.A. offices - located in the city – will be ready 

for your warrantee.

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