Sun, sea, music, entertainment.....

Sun, sea, music, entertainment, relax… anyway the most important thing that Caorle can offer you is the beach!

Two beaches, the widest is the Levant that goes from the area of Falconera to the beautiful church of the Little Madonna, and the west beach that continues until the lighthouse. Both of them are provided with kiosks and more other services for customers. Anyway they also include two areas of public beaches and a dog area, called the Bau beach!

 Thousands are the services that the consortium offers to its guests, hotels’ customers, camping, or daily visitors. All the sectors related to the hotels are cured and efficient with their deck chairs and umbrellas, changing cabins, cabins with toilet, and the newly built toilets for men, women and disabled. For the latter, are also available special wheelchairs for sand, many slides, and paths to reach the sea.



Very important is the wi-fi service, launched during the last years. It is possible to purchase, with different tariffs, packages of one day, one week, or 20 hours in your vacation period, in order to easily browse from your umbrella and share photos and videos of your beautiful holiday!

In order to purchase the card and obtain the password needed for the activation of the service ask to one of the numerous hotels, agencies, and internet points highlighted in the website.


The Bau Beach is an awesome news! It is located at the beginning of the Levant beach, in front of the colonies. It is a portion of beach between two green areas, where with a daily fee of €13 or an afternoon fee of €10 you can live the beach environment with your four-legged friend!

You will have available two decks with one umbrella, a water bowl, an adjustable leash, and the chance to swim with Fido. When instead, you want to relax under the sun, your friend will enjoy the shadow and rest under the umbrella.

The records of the animal’s vaccinations is mandatory in order to access and has to be shown to the lifeguard.



Let’s talk now about entertainment for adults and children. In both beaches, you can admire the numerous flower beds and green oasis with many playgrounds for children, swings, dinosaurs, slides, castles, and trampolines. The baby sitting and the aerobic are two precious services given for free! During the morning or in the afternoon in both of the beaches but in different time schedules you can stay fit with aerobic, aquagym, and muscle toning exercises; and what about your children? You can leave them in one of the different babysitting points! The animators will entertain them safely. There are numerous places where you can rent paddle boats, canoes and small sailboats. Also, in the west beach there are six floating platforms from which you can dive, or lying down in the sun.


Obviously, for your safety there are available lifeguards stations, towers, watercraft with rescue board, nurses with the segway and the fixed locations of first aid that are always in contact with each other by radio.

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