Summer in Caorle is a whirlwind

Summer in Caorle is a whirlwind of music for all tastes!

There are local bands, live shows, festivals and much more!
This August, you can enjoy the exclusivity of the free of charge festivals: on the 16th, 17th and 18th, the
Double Flavor will be held in the picturesque setting of the Sacchetta beach, next to the church of the Virgin Mary of the Angel. There will be three nights of dancing with the best DJs in the area playing genres from house, to rock, and also dance. As special guest DJ Albertino from Radio Deejay will be present. The end of the event will be celebrated with fireworks.


When talking about alive summer, it would be wrong not mentioning the vibrant and bustling night parties in the pool that are celebrated at the Aquafollie waterpark! Five appointments with "The big swimming party", the last on the 24th of August, that every time brings different DJ, vocalists, dancers, and among the fountains and the wave pool you will have fun swimming to the rhythm of music under the stars!



Instead, reviewing the bands of the Caorlotto panorama, we can find music of all genres, from rock, to metal, but also choral. Talking about the rock scene, covers and original songs are inevitable for the historians Bassovolume with 15 years of career behind them. They are preparing to go out with their fifth disc of unreleased songs. Together with the ID Freud, and the Gloryhole Murder that play hard rock and metal, the Bassovolume have created the "No cover Contest" to give space to his own songs. It is an initiative that will expand involving other groups. When speaking of original songs also noticeable is the metal band Flagex, positively reviewed by more magazines for their last demo.

 Groups that often entertain Caorle’s evenings are also the Tritolo acustico that with their sensational guitars and voices play songs of Litfiba; the Volume 3 that play their suggestive and amusing covers of Pink Floyd, Pittura Fresca, and more others; and the Killjoy characterised by their vibrant rock.

Furthermore, for a more relaxed and intriguing atmosphere there are the Theoutbox , a group that mixes funky, jazz and pop influences also thanks to the American siger.


The EuforiaGipsy Trio instead, with their guitars, trumpets, and contrabasses, play a gipsy jazz repertoire taking important stages such as Il Paradiso Perduto di Venezia. The Emotiva collaborated with some DJs in order to offer a mix of beats and percussion. The Blast family offer a mix of reggae and rockabilly, the Giulia trio cover and piano bar. And the Creamy, four biting and young female voices, that rearrange with passion historical pieces of American music.



There are a lot of bars that offer live music in the evenings in the center or on the seashore such as Al Gatto Nero, the breweries Jeem and Tre Tini,the Bafile Grancaffè,the Bar Fly, the Mosquito Beach that always keeps up with its events for all tastes, and theDrizze e Scotte. The renowned winery Enos offers evenings jazz and wine throughout the course of the year. For those who love Latin American music the chiosco Havana offers every day throughout the summer dancing and live music with their talented and colorful Cuban and Brazilian dancers.

 Do you love ballroom dance? No problem, here there are the awesome Non-Stop with a wide repertoire that also includes revival. If you like Zucchero, the Baccoxbacco will delight you with their covers performed with lots of fun in a workmanlike manner .




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