Summer cultural events in Caorle

If you do not want to renounce the pleasure of cultural deepening even on vacation,

Caorle is the ideal destination for your holidays. In July, in fact, there are some exhibitions of particular interest for lovers of reading and theater. One of these is undoubtedly "CaorleOltremare", which will bring to Caorle several authors of clear fame who will present their latest literary labors. All meetings will be held in the "living room" of the city, the beautiful Piazza Vescovado, under the bell tower symbol of Caorle. It starts already Sunday, July 1 at 21.30 with Tatjana Rojc who will present her first novel written in Italian "La figlia che vorrei avere". The Rojc is one of the finest Slovenian authors and has managed to combine an intimate history with the great historical events on the border between Trieste and Slovenia. Philippe Daverio, the well-known art critic, will be the second guest of the event, Wednesday 11 July at 9 pm "I finally understood Italy. A small treatise for foreigners (and Italians) "will be the ironic work that the critic will discuss with a journalist. Another meeting will be the meeting with the journalist Mario Giordano who will present his "Avvoltoi" on Sunday, July 15th at 9 pm. Italy dies and they are enriched ", a denunciation book that rails against those who take advantage of Italian disservices, at the expense of honest citizens. The philosopher and theologian Vito Mancuso and his book "The need to think" will be protagonists of the evening of 25 July. Other guests will be Massimo Roscia (1 August), Saverio Tommasi (5 August) and the winner of the Premio Campiello Giovani Valerio Valentini (5 September).

Those who prefer theater will have the opportunity to attend the comedies staged as part of the "Caorlestateatro" festival, curated by the Caorlotto Theater Group. The event will bring to Caorle some of the best theatral companies in the northeast. The calendar includes the Goldoni comedy "I rusteghi" (5 July in the Santa Margherita playground), "Ancora sei ore" by Davide Stefanato (7 July, Porto Santa Margherita), "Le serve al pozzo" by Giacinto Gallina (14 July , Santa Margherita playground), "Donna Canasta" by Miro Penzo (19th July, Duna Verde), "Villa Artemisia" by Velise Bonfante (28th July, Santa Margherita playground), "Al cavallino bianco" by Oskar Blumenthal and Gustav Kadelburg (4 August, Piazza Veneto), "Scandal in the canon" by Antonella Zucchini (7 August, Duna Verde), "Treska all'arsenico" by Martina Boldarin (11 August, Porto Santa Margherita), "Who told you that you were naked "By Pier Benedetto Bertoli (18 August, Santa Margherita playground).


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