The magic of street theater with “La luna nel pozzo”

The magic of street theater is coming soon to enchant the calli (alleys) and campielli of beautiful Caorle.

From September 4th to 8th, Caorle will be the great stage for the twenty-fourth “La luna nel pozzo” edition, the street theater international festival. Caorle, the Adriatic Pearl, will be invaded by theater and artist companies (thirty circa); which offer to the huge audience performing arts such as juggling, acrobatics, puppetry and clown. Free shows for all according to tradition. La luna nel pozzo artists are among the best all over the world; from Australia, for instance, has been announced the presence of Chris Blaze, the well-known Fire Ninja. Also, Southern America is well represented by a sizable number of artists, from Argentina the acrobats Cia Mas Til and Menos Tal, the acrobat-dancers Duo Masawa and Brunitos well-known for having recovered El Diablo an ancient Chinese tool to ward off the evil spirits which had become a means for telling a dreamlike journey. Interesting the Compañía Entropía proposal which offers a cirque-dancing performance called Disidentes. From Israeli shores and Swiss mountains are coming the Pitonga Cirque acrobats, while from Germany the Circus unARTiq, circus virtuosos. Are French both the king of mono-cycle Benoit Charpe and the Compagnie Têtes de Mules which will perform a puppetry show to noir shades and the juggler Vincent de Lavenère. From Switzerland is also coming the Duo E1NZ, well-known for blending together several genders in one big show. La luna nel pozzo does speak Italian too thanks to the presence of: bubbles artists “Bubble on Circus”, caricaturist Fabio Luli, trapeze-dancer Tatiana Foschi and many others. The Festival foresees a children area with activities proposed by Ludobus Spazio Verdeblù. Finally, it cannot be forgot the Funkasin Street Band, 15 elements marching band which offers its funk-repertoire among Caorle’s alleys. The fil rouge which combines all exhibitions this year is a Barone Rampante sentence (a book) by Italo Calvino, never as actual as today, which says “If you raise a wall think about what’s left out”. 


The International Festival of Street Theater is organized, since 1996, by the association Arci Carichi Sospesi of Padova in partnership with the net United for Busking. It is fostered by the Municipal Administration of Caorle and enjoys patronage of Veneto Region.   



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