When you arrive to Caorle, you realize immediately

 that it is a unique environment of its kind a clove of earth embraced and lapped by the water. That of the sea, that of the lagoon but even that of the rivers… as far as the eye can see. 

Caorle is not just beach, tan and good food. Caorle is an inner journey, a continuous discovery, incessant and regenerating. 

Sailing along the sea or the lagoon, riding a bike among protected ecosystem, walking through the village to discover its artistic beauties. The days will fly fast on the wings of a seagull among reeds and reclamation areas, between an excellent local wine and a craft beer. Let yourself get fascinated by tales of the most ancient traditions, between a first course and a second course of local fresh fish sitting inside the history. At Cason with Giovanni, where on the table you will find only fresh fish, cooked like a time, in the footsteps of tradition of our fishermen ancestors.

Here are some suggestions that you find on our site. 

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