Beach and sea accessible for all

Today, more than ever, the sea and the beach must really be "for everyone"!

 This means that a holiday resort of excellence must know how to offer this type of service also to people with mobility difficulties, perhaps forced into a wheelchair. In Caorle all this is possible thanks to the commitment of the Arenili Consortium of Caorle and to the inclusive social tourism project "Il mare è di tutti", promoted by Ulss 4 and the Municipality of Caorle. This particular initiative has allowed, among other things, to enhance all the routes used for access to water for people with disabilities and to make other Job model wheelchairs available to the Consortium: this is a particular chair with wheels suitable for transport of disabled or elderly people at sea and on the sand. These services, moreover, were added to what the Arenili Consortium already offered, namely the beach facilities (including the new kiosk) with high accessibility in the Levante “5L” compartment, the “Manolo” pedal boat, specifically designed for the needs of people with limited or impeded mobility, and the provision, on request, of special flooring to make it easier to access the umbrellas for wheelchairs.

There is however another service that has been activated on an experimental basis and that this year should further improve: it is the accompaniment in water of the person with motor difficulties by specialized personnel. Those who want to bathe in peace and tranquility can therefore contact the beach staff of Consorzio Arenili who, through their offices, will contact the qualified operator who will in turn be able to agree with the tourist on the date and time for entry into the water. Those who have already benefited from the service, like the writer Rosita Sartori (it is her book "The limit that becomes wealth"), have had the opportunity to appreciate the experience and the quality of the assistance offered.

Thanks to the collaboration between Ulss 4, the Municipality of Caorle and Consorzio Arenili (now also known with the "Caorlespiaggia" brand), further services are being studied to make the beach of the town more accessible to all.


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