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An ancient rural village of 160 years and rich in history, Ca'Corniani is a magical place to discover. The tour will make you to find out the renewed and re-enhanced historical winery and the local wines, together with the neighbouring territory that we will travel along the 32 km cycle lane surrounded by nature.

Description: there will be a tour guide, the tour is to be booked, for al least 5 partecipants.

Meeting at the Ca'Corniani winery by 9.30 a.m. to take your bike, available at the Cyclestation, and start the tour with your guide. There will be then a guided tour of the winery and a tasting of three different types of wine, paired with typical "cicchetti".The tour will end by 12 p.m.

Price: €20 renting a bike; €29 renting an E-bike

More information: downloading the app for the visit

Booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +39 3385951882
An ancient rural village of 160 years and rich in history, Ca'Corniani is a magical place to discover. The tour will make you to find out the renewed and re-enhanced historical winery and the local wines, together with the neighbouring territory that we will travel along the 32 km cycle lane surrounded by nature.

Description: there won't be a tour guide and the tour is to be booked.

Meeting at the Ca'Corniani winery to take your bike, available at the Cyclestation, and start the tour autonomously. Then, you can visit the winery and have a tasting of three different types of wine, paired with typical "cicchetti".
The tour could be booked in the morning or in the afternoon, until 4 p.m.

Price: €16 renting a bike; €22 renting an E-bike

More information: downloading the app for the visit

Booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +39 3385951882
On request with a minimum of 15 participants

Adult € 30.00

Free for children up to 3 years

€ 12.00 for children up to 12 years

14.30 departure from the stadium jettyAscent through Caorle lagoon by boat
15.15 arrival at La Frassina  and Wagon ride,wine tasting and food tasting
17.30 boat trip through the lagoon of Caorle
18.45 arrival at the jetty

Policy: the excursion must be booked by 11.00 pm of the evening before and paid by credit card online on website, the refund is always provided by card only in case of rain.

Thanks to this bike tour you will discover and appreciate the wild areas of Brussa and Vallevecchia and the natural beauties they offer. Moreover, you will visit the local brewery and taste its artisanal beer. You will experience an intense and memorable day in which sport, flavours, sounds and colours of the lagoon will meet each other and capture your senses.

Description: guide tour, that is to be booked, for at least 25 partecipants.

Meeting at Ca'Corniani Cyclestation at 9.45 a.m. to start the tour by boat, sailing to the centre of the lagoon through the canals, where your eyes will loose trying to capture the incomparable views of this unique ecosystem and the flight of the protected fauna that live here. Arrival at the Vallevecchia Museum, followed by a bike tour of Vallevecchia, through the wild nature of these places set in the lagoon, ending with a regenerating swim on the uncontaminated beach opposite.
At 12.30 p.m. we will get back on our bikes to reach the B2O brewery in Brussa (2.5 km). At 1 p.m. a guided tour of the Brussa oasis will start, followed by a visit to the brewery with the explanation of the production process and a tasting of the malts and hops used to make the beer. You will taste 3 different beers, accompanied by typical food products and a dish to choose between first and second course, paired with craft beers. Then you will have some spare time to relax in the brewery garden and, for those interested, you can visit the "farm" where typical food products are produced. You will then be present with a 0.33 cl bottle of your choice.
Return to the boarding point at 3.30 p.m. to come back to Caorle.

Price: €59/pax; €29 for children up to 12 years.
The price includes:
- tour guide
- sailing to the lagoon
- bike rental
- B2O brewery visit and artisanal beer tasting
- insurance

Policy: the tour is to be booked by 3 days and paid online by credit card on the website, or through direct confirmation. You can be refunded through credit card just in case it will rain.

Booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +39 3385951882
Not the usual tour, not the usual itineraries.

Come and discover the wonders of our valleys, their protected ecosystems of rare beauty.
Taste an ancient and genuine menu in a unique and suggestive location: the Casone.
This ancient fishermen's home will be the setting for your lunch, in an exclusive lagoon environement. Flavours and echoes of the tradition the excellent fresh fish on the table in a full day navigation & gourmet suitable for all and all age groups.

Not a trip but a real experience at 360 °, immersed in the local tradition.

minimum 10 people maximum 15

Departure at 10.00 am from the pier near the stadium in Caorle, where you can park for free
Arrival at 16.00 the same point

Cost per person Euro 49
Children up to 10 years Euro 35
Program | Duration: 1 day
min 20 pax
every Tuesday of every week 
price per person: adult 49€ children up to 12 years 39€ 0-2 years gratis

departure schedule 8.30 am from Caorle Piazzale del mercato - behind the bus station

departure schedule 9.45 am  meeting with the tour guide at the old centre

departure schedule 10.00 am guided tour
visit of Treviso old centre which includes the famous shopping street Calmaggiore, which links  Piazza dei Signori to Piazza del Duomo, but even the evocatives, hiddens and cobblestones alleys beneath the long porticoes. 
Testimonies of the Roman era and precious bequests of the Venetian dominion tell the history of this fascinating city which has so much to tell about its contemporary, feverish commercial and artistic vitality.
We shall visit one of the most evocative churches and we let our gazes be captured by the lively and characteristic Pescheria neighborhood canals, where each morning take place the fish market, a short stroll from vegetable market and the famous  “Portego dei Buranelli".

schedule 12.30/14.00 Lunch break, it is not included in the price; Osteria is the typical kind of restaurant of Treviso and we recommend it.  

departure schedule 14.00  Tour Prosecco Route 
from Valdobbiadene toward Conegliano with stops at the points of interests: Molinetto della Croda (mill), Abbazia di Follina (abbey).
The tour can be carry out in the opposite sense, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, in this case, the winery shall be at Cartizze area.

winery time of arrival 16.00 (Conegliano hills or Cartizze)
winery visit and tasting of  2-3 Prosecco typologies accompanied by appetizers, duration 1-hour circa.

schedule 18.00 end of Tour and return to Caorle

Included services:
- Tour guide
- bus for the whole itinerary
- winery and appetizers tasting 

Authorized Tour guides, languages available English and German by Treviso Tour STAFF. 
Winery family company which produces high quality wines and excellent local appetizers.
Single subjects or small groups of max 4 people

A professional photographer will take you through the colorful alleys of Caorle’s picturesque old town and to the iconic seafront, taking 40 memorable pictures of your vacation that you’ll get to take home in high resolution right after the shooting.

Cost € 240
contact us for the date
The historic centre of Portogruaro, with its typical canals and porticoes that follow one another along the ancient palaces, resembles Venice. After a visit to these architectonic and artistic beauties, you will join an aperitif in a typical bar on the Lemene river, and then you will go around the stands of the characteristic city market, weekly appointment in the city center. 

Description: this is a guided tour and it has to be booked.
The tour is for at least 7 people and for at maximum 25 people.
The tour will take place every thursday morning and it will last for about 2 hours.

Meeting with the guide at 9.35 a.m. in the bus station of Portogruaro (Viale Diaz 16) to start the tour of the city architectonic and historical beauties.
After an immersion in the green of the beautiful town park, you will see the Villa Comunale: a building of the mid-sixteenth century in Renaissance style. The next stop of the tour is at the unmissable ancient mills of St. Andrea, which were the beating heart of the ancient economy and now represent the most evocative views of the town. You will discover then the third most leaning bell tower in Italy as well as the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea with its beautiful frescoes.
At the end of the visit, you will join an aperitif in a typical bar on the Lemene river. 
Then you will have spare time to visit the large market in the city centre and the open shops. Here you will get to know the flavours of Eastern Venice, including typical cheeses and artisanal cold cuts, vegetables and fruit from the productive countryside, the best local crafts and north-eastern ingenuity. All this will be enhanced by the beauty of the historic buildings, which make go around the stands a unique experience of colours, sounds and architecture.

Price: €25/pax.; €15 for children from 4 to 12 years; free for children from 0 to 3 years.

Booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +393385951882
You will be guided through the ancient Roman history that still pervades the city of Concordia Sagittaria, with its precious archaeological finds, and then enjoy a delicious aperitif with your friends!

Description: this is a guided tour and it has to be booked.
The tour is for at least 10 people and for at maximum 25 people.
The tour will take place on 17, 30 July- 14, 28 August - 4 September; it will last about 1 hour.

Meeting at 6 p.m. at Loggia Comunale of Concordia Sagittaria (Via Roma 55) to start the tour of
Roman Iulia Concordia, founded in 42 b.C.and crossing-point of two important Roman roads: the “Via Annia” and the “Via Postumia”. Concordia Sagittaria is today rich in well-preserved Roman ruins and in the scenery of this priceless historical heritage, completely immersed in a particularly charming atmosphere, you will discover the life of the ancient Romans.
Every appointment will be different and every aperitif special, as every week you’ll have the chance to find out different aspects and to get to know better and better the ancient history of Concordia.
Are you curious to find out the special theme of the weekly tour? During the Archaeo-aperitif it could happen to visit and learn about the places and the history of the important Roman roads, the early Christians’ habits and customs, about a typical day of an ancient Roman and many other historical-archaeological subjects.
And to end up properly this peculiar experience  you will enjoy a delicious aperitif in Venetian style.

Price: €20/pax. (aperitif included); €15 for children from 4 to 12 years; for free for children from 0 to 3 years.

Booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +39 3385951882
Book your tennis lesson with qualified Instructor in the preferred time slot.
Looking for a dribbler during your stay? Then... Contact us

All levels Swimming courses for every age group. Individual and collective lessons, with qualified instructors

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You will discover and appreciate the wild areas of Brussa and the natural beauties it offers by cylcing through the territory. Moreover, you will have a lunch at the local brewery and taste its artisanal beers, while relaxing after the bike tour.

Description: there won't be a tour guide and the tour is to be booked.

Meeting at the Villa of B2O, where you can comfortably park you car in a safe area, book the lunch that suits you best among the proposals in agreement at the B2O brewery-restaurant, take your bike and download the app of the cycle lane to do. You will be ready to discover the wilderness that surrounds you as you cycle through the territory. Then, you will return to B2O for lunch and some relax; the menu includes typical cold cuts and cheeses, a first course of your choice, 1 40cl artisanal beer and 1 coffee.

Price: €29/pax, including the bike rental and a lunch menu.
NB You can deduct €5 if you use your own bike.
Extra: +€10 E-bike rental; naturalistic guide (just by estimating).

Booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +39 3385951882
During this relaxing experience, you will slowly sail on the Livenza river on an electric boat, silent and respectful of the surrounding environment. You will have lunch directly on board with a basket of typical local products, prepared by Livenza's restaurateurs.

Description: there won't be a tour guide, the tour is to be booked, for at least 4 partecipants.

Departure from Ca'Corniani or from Darsena dell'Orologio in Caorle, you will live 5 relaxing and unique hours on an electric boat, on which you will have lunch with a picnic basket full of typical products of the territory, created by the Livenza restaurateurs, together with a refreshing bottle of Prosecco, which will be provided to you on departure by a specialist, together with the information you need to tackle the excursion in the best possible way.

Price: €175 during the week and €195 at the weekend (June-September); €195 during the week and €215 at the weekend (July-August). The price is for 4 people.

Booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +39 3385951882
Impara a riconoscere nei vini l'unicità del territorio veneziano e della laguna di Caorle.

Prenota una visita alla cantina per avvicinarti al nostro territorio e scoprire vini autentici.
Ascolterai la storia dei vigneti piantati in questa fascia di terra strappata alla laguna con la bonifica del nonno Mario nel 1939. Della laguna, che ancora la circonda, sentirai la salsedine dell’aria, i profumi dell’artemisia, la brezza che porta il fruscio delle canne palustri e i versi delle oche, aironi, anatre e ibis che la popolano. I vigneti che crescono in questa terra generosa restituiscono nel vino la loro ricchezza. Nel bicchiere riconoscerai l’accentuata mineralità ed un’ampia varietà di profumi in un contrasto piacevole che rende i nostri vini fedeli testimoni di questo territorio.
L'esperienza inizia con la visita in vigneto e la spiegazione delle scelte per una viticoltura sostenibile, rispettosa della terra e dei suoi frutti. Nel mese della vendemmia, passeggiando tra
i vigneti, assaggerai le diverse uve con l’intento di assaporarne i gusti e poi ricercarli nel bicchiere durante la degustazione.
La visita proseguirà in cantina con una breve descrizione delle tecniche di vinificazione e si
concluderà con l’assaggio dei vini. La degustazione prevede 3 vini: 1 Lison DOCG, 1 “Miglio”(rosato TreVenezie), 1 Merlot Doc Venezia o Cabernet Sauvignon Doc Venezia.

Costo: 24€/persona; 8-18 anni sconto del 50%; bambini 2-7 anni GRATIS.

Prenotazioni: contattare via SMS/Whatsapp il numero +39 3385951882
Caorle does not offer just a beautiful sea and the beach, it has a lot of hidden treasures that wait for being discovered: thanks to this bike tour you will get to know the wild area of Falconera and its "casoni", the original and typical houses of the lagoon fishermen, together with the ancient and re-enhanced rural village of Ca'Corniani.

Description: this is a guided tour and it has to be booked.
The tour will take place every Thursday and it will last about 2,5 hours.

Meeting at the White Oasis kiosk on the Levante beach at 4 p.m. for the delivery of your bike and to start the bike tour.
We will reach Ca'Corniani, where we will travel along the new cycle path and visit the characteristic rural village.
On the way back to Caorle we will cross the Falconera area and visit a typical "casone", an ancient and characteristic dwelling of the lagoon fishermen.
You will then return to the White Oasis kiosk around 6.30 p.m. to enjoy an aperitif on the beach based on Spritz and cicchetti.

Price: €12 with your own bike; €14 renting a bike; €20 renting an E-bike

Booking: writing to or writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number  +393385951882
Every day.

On Saturdays and Sundays up to and including November 1st.

Bibione Pineda - jetty of Porto Baseleghe / Vallevecchia - jetty near the Environmental Museum Vallevecchia / Caorle - jetty in Isola dei Pescatori on the Riello / Saetta river.

- Departures from Bibione to Vallevecchia / Caorle: 9: 00-11: 30-14: 00-16: 30
- Departures from Vallevecchia to Caorle: 9: 30-11: 55-14: 25-16: 55
- Arrivals in Caorle: 10: 10-12: 40-15: 10-17: 40
- Departures from Caorle to Vallevecchia / Bibione: 10: 15-12: 45-15: 15-17: 45
- Departures from Vallevecchia to Bibione: 11: 00-13: 30-16: 00-18: 30
- Arrivals in Bibione: 11: 25-13: 55-16: 25-18: 55
In the autumn period the service may vary depending on the natural light conditions.

Bibione-Caorle: round trip € 10.00 - single ticket € 6.00.
Bibione-Vallevecchia and Caorle-Vallevecchia: round trip € 5.00 - single ticket € 3.00.
Free for children 1 m tall.

Key information:

Number of seats: 40 people with as many bicycles;
Reservations required until all available places are exhausted;
In case of bad weather or uncertain weather the service may be suspended;
The service is accessible to people with disabilities, strollers and dogs (on a leash).

It will be mandatory to wear a mask or a suitable cover for the nose and mouth
Hand sanitizer will be made available.

For information and reservations please contact the number +39 347 9922959.
Viaggio di 4 giorni alla scoperta di alcune fra le più belle realtà storico-culturali e naturalistiche dell'Umbria e dell'Italia intera: Spoleto, Narni, Terni, la Cascata delle Marmore e Assisi.

Ritrovo a Caorle, in piazzale Mercato alle ore 06.00 per partire in Bus Granturismo alla volta di Narni, con soste tecniche durante il tragitto.
Arrivo a Spoleto intorno alle ore 12.00: pranzo in trattoria e visita del centro storico della città, che fu colonia e municipio romano e di questo lungo e prosperoso periodo conserva ancora oggi monumenti preziosi: la Rocca Albornoziana, Il Duomo di Spoleto, la Fontana del Mascherone, l'arco di Durso etc.
Ripartenza intorno alle ore 17.00 in direzione Narni: arrivo previsto intorno alle ore 18.30. Sistemazione nelle camere riservate, cena in hotel e pernottamento.

Prima colazione in hotel e visita guidata di Narni: il Duomo, i Terzieri, la Rocca di Albornoz, il Museo Eroli; pranzo in tipica osteria, a base di piatti locali. Nel pomeriggio visita alla Narni sotterranea: si inizierà dal complesso conventuale di San Domenico attraversando un locale con cisterna romana, probabile resto di una Domus. In questa sala, grazie agli effetti speciali, si potrà entrare nei cunicoli dell'acquedotto Romano della Formina. Si giungerà poi in una sala dove avevano luogo gli interrogatori del Tribunale dell'Inquisizione. Una piccola cella adiacente documenta con graffiti sulle pareti le sofferenze patite dagli inquisiti, uno dei quali ha lasciato un messaggio attraverso un codice grafico con simboli alchemico massonici, non ancora completamente decifrati.
Al termine della visita rientro in hotel e/o tempo libero fino alle ore 19.00. Alle ore 20.00 ritrovo in centro a Palazzo di Fraporta, per una cena medievale a Palazzo unica nel suo genere: cucina e location a tema medievale, spettacoli che intervalleranno le portate con musici, giocolieri e mangiafuoco. Rientro in hotel e pernottamento.

Prima colazione in hotel e partenza per Terni, collocata in una verde pianura attraversata dal fiume Nera, circondata da un anfiteatro di colli. Anche se la città, pesantemente bombardata durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, in larga parte è stata ricostruita in forme moderne, mantiene nel centro storico le vestigia del suo nobile passato. Sono rimaste le antiche strutture di epoca romana, come il grande Anfiteatro Romano del 32 d. C. Il Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta, ricostruito nel XVII secolo, conserva sotto il portico che lo precede un portale romanico a rilievi (XII secolo) e un secondo portale gotico; all'interno un'interessante Presentazione al Tempio di L. Agresti del 1569 e un'Immacolata Concezione di scuola fiamminga; sotto la crociera l'antica cripta a tre navate con abside. Di fronte al Duomo sorge il Palazzo Bianchini-Riccardi del XVI secolo, con portale a bugnato, una fascia di gigli araldici e un bellissimo fregio a rilievo nel coronamento.
Al termine della visita, tempo libero per shopping e pranzo. Incontro nel luogo convenuto alle ore 14.30 e partenza in direzione Cascata delle Marmore, a 7 km da Terni.
La Cascata ha origini antichissime, risalenti al 271 a.C. in epoca romana: il console Manio Curio Dentato ordinò la costruzione di un canale per far defluire le acque stagnanti del Velino verso il Nera, deviando il corso del fiume e formando la Cascata, necessario perché la conformazione del terreno creava una palude stagnante pericolosa per la popolazione. Si arriverà alla Cascata in tempo utile per assistere allo spettacolo del rilascio dell’acqua dalle 14.00 alle 15.00.
Dopo la visita alla cascata, rientro in hotel, cena e pernottamento.

Check out, partenza da Narni e sosta ad Assisi, con tempo a disposizione per il pranzo individuale. Seguirà visita della Basilica di San Francesco con audioguida a disposizione in loco e tempo libero per fare shopping. Ripartenza da Assisi alle ore 17.30, con soste tecniche durante il tragitto (cena libera in autogrill).
Arrivo previsto a Caorle intorno alle ore 22.30.

Costo: €570.00/persona (in camera doppia)
Supplemento singola per 3 notti: €90.00
Riduzione complessiva terzo letto bambini (fino 12 anni compiuti): €25.00

La quota comprende:
- viaggio A/R Caorle-Narni in Bus Granturismo su base 19 persone;
- 3 pernottamenti in hotel 3* con prima colazione e 2 cene;
- visita guidata di Spoleto, di Narni (biglietto per Narni sotterranea incluso), di Terni, ingresso a Cascate delle Marmore;
- 1 pranzo a Spoleto + 1 a Narni + 1 cena medievale a palazzo con spettacoli, acqua e ¼ vino;
- assicurazione medica e bagaglio;
- accompagnatore CERTIFICATO Blu Est, per tutta la durata del viaggio.

La quota NON comprende:
- pasti e bevande non menzionati;
- extra e mance di carattere personale;
- tutto ciò che non sia espressamente menzionato alla voce "la quota comprende".
On this tour you will discover some of the natural and other kind of beauties of the Eastern Veneto, riding about 50 km on a comfortable E-Bike, and you can also enjoy a tasting of typical wines at a prestigious local winery.

The tour is for at least 8 partecipants.
Minimally sporty clothing is required, as well as a k-way for air protection (but you can purchase it on location too).

We will pick you up by bus directly at the hotel where you will be staying and we will go to Biverone (San Stino di Livenza), from where we will set off on our E-Bike tour.
We will follow the guide in the direction of the Bosco di Bandiziol, the largest lowland forest of the Eastern Veneto, and then stop at a small lake created by a sulphur spring.
We will continue towards Annone Veneto admiring the surrounding countryside and the numerous wine cellars of the Lison DOCG area. We will take a break at Cantine Paladin where we will enjoy a wine tasting, paired with typical cold cuts and cheeses.
We will continue along a beautiful cycle path (former railway line) to Motta di Livenza, where we will visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli, and then towards Lorenzaga along the left bank of the Livenza (Giro Livenza).
FInally, we will return to Biverone along a narrow country road to fully enjoy the last few kilometres into nature.

Price: €68/pax. 

Information and booking: write an SMS/Whatsapp at the number +393385951882
A 40 km route to be covered on a new and comfortable E-bike, lasting about 4 hours, to discover the territory of Caorle, the nearby hinterland and the pine forest of Eraclea Mare, where you can relax and refresh yourself with a delicious aperitif.

Tour available for at least 10 people.
Minimally sporty clothing and a raincoat are required (can also be purchased on site).

Meeting at the car park of the stadium of Caorle at 9 a.m. to deliver E-Bike and prepare for departure.
We will follow the Casoni path towards Isola dei Pescatori, before heading to Ca' Corniani, along the cycle path that will take us through the countryside to Brian, along the bank of the "Commessera" canal.
We will continue along Via Fagiana to admire the rice fields and the very suggestive horizon. Once in Torre di Fine, we'll head towards the coast to approach Eraclea Mare and its splendid pine forest, where we'll have an aperitif.
Return to Caorle along hidden cycle paths through Duna Verde and Altanea. In Porto Santa Margherita we will take the ferry on the Livenza River to return to the starting point in Caorle at around 1 p.m.

Price: €38/person

Info and booking: contact via SMS/Whatsapp the number +393385951882 or send an email to
Kayaking across the Caorle lagoon? Now you can!

The tour is for maximum 8 people.
The tour will take place every Monday and will last about 2.5 hours.

Departure at 5 p.m. from the White Oasis kiosk on the Levante beach, with your own bike.
Arrival at the "Casone" from where the kayak experience will start: paddling along the navigable channels of the Caorle lagoon in contact with the wildest and most authentic nature will be a unique and memorable experience!
Return after 1.5 hours.

Price: €30/pax.; extra: €6 for bike rental.

Info and booking: writing an SMS/Whatsapp to the number +393385951882

via vescovo 2, 30021 Caorle , Italia
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I pacchetti vacanza prenotati e confermati vanno pagati a seconda delle condizioni in essere, ad esclusione delle cause previste dalla legislazione turistica.

Pacchetti cumulabili previa disponibilità. Per prolungare il soggiorno o per soggiornare in periodi differenti previa richiesta di disponibilità della struttura.

via vescovo 2, 30021 Caorle (Venezia)
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