Committed to discover the beautiful landscapes and the cultural and historical heritage of the Treviso area, the road of wines of the Piave develops in the Venetian hinterland, touching Venice and also coming to lap the foothills of Belluno.

Who is usually served or is accustomed to hearing the praises of the Arcinoto Prosecco of Valdobbiadene will be pleasantly surprised at how great the variety of wines produced in this doc, one of the most extensive in northern Italy.


 The route offers different routes and as Caorle not encompassed within it, the fast road links make it easy to reach even in cars by tourists residing in the coastal capital.
Are over 170 kilometers along which the road of wines of the Piave extends branching ideally three main routes with important unknots to Oderzo.The first is that of “Le Vigne dei Dogi” and comes down to Roncade.
Just the center Oderzo assumes greater importance in the historical context that characterizes the entire area of the brand. E ‘can, in fact, find evidence of the glorious past of the ancient Roman Opitergium not only in the cathedral but also in the archaeological museum.
The next step, still facing the interest of historiography as well as landscaping, you Motta di Livenza, who at the Shrine of Our Lady of Miracles adorned with decorations of Sansovino, and the cathedral, its strengths.
It then goes on to Cessalto and Chiarano, with their Renaissance villas and, before arriving in Roncade, deserves special attention the ancient abbey of Santa Maria del Pero.  


The second route, arriving in Cimadolmo, is called “The villas of the Venetians,” because in this area were built the first villas of the Venetian mainland.
Various styles, from baroque style to neo-classical, chase from Villa Giustiniani Roncade until you get to the barns of Villa Pastega Manera, in which even the contemporary Japanese architect Tadao Ando has produced a study center. 


 After much pomp find the pleasant scenery of serious Papandoli, enhanced by the intertwining of vines that grow almost to extend towards the Piave.
The last of the routes back to complete the crossing Oderzo “The lands of Raboso.”
E ‘in these areas doc fact that extend the cultivation of the vine, known since the days prior to Roman rule and from whose grapes produce wines as unique as Malanotte and Raboso. 


Starting from Cimadolmo you can follow different paths to reach Ponte di Piave if you want to venture into the areas most fruitful, or San Polo di Piave if you want to enrich their cultural experience by visiting the Villa Papadopoli-Giol and the church of the Templars Ormeau.
Strongly recommended before returning to the house is via a visit to the ancient Castello di Conegliano and Portobuffolè, historic citadel built in Venetian times.
In each of the stages there will be a way to know the proven hospitality and kindness of tour operators and restaurateurs of the area, enjoying the local specialties accompanied with delicious wines.


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