If you have a four-legged friend and you don’t want to separate from it while you are on holiday, Caorle is the right destination for you.

On both the Levante and Ponente beaches there are areas specifically dedicated to those who do not want to give up the company of their dog (or cat) even on holiday.

Since 2016, in the Ponente beach there is the “Pets beach area”, realised by the municipal administration in collaboration with Caorlespiaggia, the new “brand” of the Consortium Arenili of Caorle. This is a fenced-in area of free beach, located at the end closest to the Livenza river, where owners and dogs can safely stay. The “Pets beach area” also includes a portion of the shoreline where pets are allowed and, as has always been, even though it is a public beach, a rescue service is guaranteed. In order to guarantee the tranquillity of the “Pets beach area” guests and of the tourists who, instead, enjoy the sun under the “ordinary” beach umbrellas of Caorlespiaggia, the latter has also taken care of the realization of some mitigation works between the compartments.

If, therefore, the Ponente beach has a stretch of free beach dedicated to animal lovers, in that of Levante there is much more. Already in 2013, the Consortium Arenili of Caorle inaugurated the “Bau Beach”, the first equipped beach dedicated to dogs, cats and their owners. In the “L5” compartment are available to animal lovers beach places with two sun beds with a beach umbrella, drinking trough and shower for animals and changing room for tourists. A lane has also been created to allow dogs to bathe in the sea. In order to guarantee the safety of the beach users, the area has been duly fenced and embellished thanks to the addition of ornaments and plants.

The single beach places of the “Bau Beach” can be booked, as in the rest of the comports managed by the Consortium, for a day or for a weekly, monthly or seasonal period. Reservations can be made either on site or online at www.caorlespiaggia.it. Respecting a well-established perspective of attention to tourists, the Consortium Arenili has decided to “privilege” the guests of the accommodation facilities of Caorle: in addition to being able to access free of charge, they will have priority in accessing the equipped area. Commuting tourists, however, will be able to use the beach by paying a daily rate.

It should be noted that, in order to access the reserved beach, dogs must be kept on a leash, as well as being equipped with the microchip required by law and the pet’s health book.

Caorle, in short, is a really “pet-friendly” beach: the resort has, in fact, really done everything possible to ensure tourists, both for those who prefer the free beach and for those who prefer to use more equipped areas, to live the experience of the beach and the sea without being separated from “fido” and “kitty”.