Every year Caorle becomes the background of almost 3 fireworks’ shows. The first one takes place the first of January after the live concert: people coming from nearest cities usually goes to the Scogliera Viva and to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel to see the most colorful winter sky!

The second date occurs in July close to the mouth of Livenza’s River. The Spiaggia di Ponente and the lighthouse will hold an event that join the districts of Santa Margherita and Porto Santa Margherita. In this period the weather is hot and we advice you to take the sandals off and to sit down next to the shore one your towel: walking on fresh sand is a must to do during summer season.

The longest fireworks show happens on Feast of the Assumption’s Eve and during August holidays the amusement reach its peak! After the traditional three shots that announce the beginning of the show, the Sky of Caorle will be lighted by fantastic colors. Is this half an hour long show worthwhile?The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or better in the booking!

If you are going to come to Caorle on September, the celebration of the Madonna dell’Angelo and the impressive procession on the sea will end with the musical fireworks: colored and glowing rockets will be synchronized with classical famous music: don’t miss that sunday!


More than 20 years ago Caorle introduced a wonderful event for street artists and open-air theater.

The first week of September the most suggesting places of the historical city centre host a unique format: every evening actors,  jugglers and clowns will entertain everyone.

Promoted by the Municipality of Caorle and the Carichi Sospesi Association (Padova), La Luna nel Pozzo is sponsored by the Region Veneto and the local Consorzio di Promozione Turistica ( Year by year the event seems to be more world-beating and each performance of the best artists coming from all over the world hold thousand of spectators.

Every year the event has a leit motiv to lead the public into three magic days. Each edition schedules more than 50 open-air shows, but it is impossible to miss one of them: each day provides different performance with different location. Get the timetable in order to see all shows.


The funny and incredibile alternative instead of the sea is for sure the swimming pool: covered, uncovered or with slide, it does not matter. Besides the heated swimming pool in the hotels, there are the resorts in which you can access as guest just to enjoy and relax the location. For example the Pra’ delle Torri, in Lido Altanea or the Camping Laguna Village in Falconera side.

There are also the slide on the Spiaggia di Ponente, close to the mounth of the Licenza River. It is a small park with a couple of slide and the swimming pool. It is perfect for who want to have a challenge with friend without leave the beach and the sea water.

If you are thinking about spending a whole day from a slide to another, the Aquafollie Waterpark is for sure the best advice for you. The park offers a great range of slides for everyone, a big swimming pool with scheduled waves during the day and a baby-friendly area provided with small slides and hot tub for parents

In addition to during the hot months the waterpark become a proper dancehall with DJs and people dancing in the pool. Don’t miss the next Big swimming party!