Coronating your love dream on one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Italy? In Caorle you can do that!

Thanks to two recent resolutions, the municipality of Caorle has authorized the celebration of civil marriages and civil unions in two areas of the beach of Caorle. The first is the charming beach of “Sacheta”, with its inlet characterised by the small pier and the presence of the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna dell’Angelo; the second, on the western shore, is near the mouth of the Livenza river, on the stretch of free beach, closest to the walk along the wall that ends with the small coloured lighthouse. Caorle has chosen two areas of absolute scenic value to allow everyone, especially your guests, to celebrate the ceremony in an absolutely enchanting location.

However, the municipality of Caorle has done much more than just identify the stretches of free beach where you can get married in the period between 15 May and 15 September each year, from 9 am to 9 pm (for those who want to take advantage of the sunset light): it has also introduced a sort of “wedding package” that the bride and groom can modulate according to their needs and budget. It will in fact be possible, by paying the fee set out in the price list, to embellish the location with an aisle and platform, a gazebo and a table for the ceremony. It will also be possible to use a microphone system with audio service and additional chairs if the number of guests is high. The bride and groom can then, according to their taste, install fabric or floral decorations (which must then be removed at the end of the ceremony), possibly contacting the many companies in Caorle that can offer this type of service.

The deliberations of the municipality relate only to the possibility of celebrating the civil ceremony (marriage or civil union) on the beach: it will not be allowed, for environmental protection, to bring the catering on the beach. But don’t worry: in Caorle there are numerous venues and restaurants suitable for hosting the wedding banquet. The surprises are not over, though: the municipal administration has allowed the use of the terrace of the ‘Hemingway’ hall of the town hall in Via Roma for weddings. Once again, the location is certainly fascinating: from the terrace it is possible to enjoy the view of the sea, the living cliff and the entire historic centre.