The touristic offer of Veneto is as broad as it varies. Those who come to spend their holidays in Caorle, it is in order to enjoy a pleasant beach with family-friendly facilities, a clean sea, a bustling center of culture and tradition and a quiet and relaxing environment. In the context of historiography of our region, of which Caorle is an important promoter, the Venetian Villas are introduced, they are the heritage of the glories of the Republic of Venice, which lived between the end of the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.
These structures were the real luxury residences in the noble nature and typically were included as part of a large estate.

The main building, which is the accommodation of the owners, was used as much as representative palace, as a summer residence. They were not in fact provided with heating for the winter period.

Near the villa there were so-called barns, farm buildings in which the work was organized and that included the homes of farmers, stables and various stores.
A well-known and notorious designer of such buildings was the Paduan architect Andrea Palladio, who increased his fame in his life and even after his death thanks to his skills in this area.

“His” Villas are typical of the province of Vicenza, but not only.
Currently, most of these buildings are open to the public as evidence of a past in which art, culture and nature, that were in first place. Some of them have been converted to luxury hotels or exclusive bed & breakfast.
Below there is a short list of some of these historical villas, definitely not an exhaustive list to intrigue and entice the tourist to discover for himself this huge heritage.
The area of the province of Venice, closer to Caorle and easy to reach for our tourists, has nine in total. Among these Bon Villa Mira.


Riviera Matteotti 6A e 7

30034 Mira Taglio (VE)


Directly adjoining the Brenta, its particularity lies in having the main facade facing the large garden and the river. Inside you can find wall paintings created by artists from various styles, including Giandomenico Tiepolo.
The various environments are typical of the Venetian palace, with living rooms in the center and four symmetric rooms, two on each side. Outside there are a nature park, a vineyard, a vegetable garden and outbuildings.


About 15 km away from Caorle, in Ceggia, we find Villa Marcello Loredan Franchin.

Via Prà di Levada, 6

30022 Ceggia (VE)

Tel.: 0421/329591



It is provided with a park of more than 10 thousand square meters, is also a great place, not only to visit, but also to host conferences, cultural events or ceremonies, with its elegant décor and its historical structure.

The villas from the nearby province of Treviso are among the most numerous, they are sixteen.
Among these especially to remember is Villa Foscarini Cornaro, known for hosting a popular Lounge Bar / Club venue dedicated to lighter entertainment.

Via Palazzi 10

Gorgo al Monticano (TV)

Tel.: 0422/208007



Dating back to the second half of the sixteenth century, is a shining example of Renaissance architecture bathed in the colours of the Treviso area. Totally renewed while maintaining its structure unchanged. Beside that, the club hosts a luxury five-star hotel with a swimming pool, it is also in great demand for events such as weddings or other celebrations.
As mentioned earlier Vicenza is the triumph of Palladian Villas, it has fourteen out of eighteen.
Going back to the sixteenth century, we cannot leave out Villa Poiana. Its construction was completed in 1563, and towards the end the paintings were signed by Bernardino India and Anselmo Canera and the sculptures by Bartolomeo Ridolfi. It is particular because it is far different from the classic style of the other villas designed by Palladio. Specifically, the outside is almost completely bare of decorations, all for the ultimate goal of putting the spa buildings of ancient Rome.
It can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday but, if necessary, can become a venue for meetings and cultural events of far-reaching.

Via Castello Maggiore 43

Poiana Maggiore (VI)

Tel.: 041/2201297



The province of Padua is the most well-nourished with twenty villas. Outstanding among them the Palladian Villa Contarini, remembered as one of the biggest ever.
With its baroque style, the central body is sided by two long wings with a front of nearly two hundred meters. It has also a fleet of more than fifty acres, which is a fully open and a safe environment for the birds that come in winter.
The most interesting thing to see inside the room are the auditorium and the Hall of Guitar Rovesciata for their outstanding acoustic properties.

They are also hosted inside assorted museums and the library with the historical archive.


Via Camerini 1

35016 Piazzola sul Brenta (PD)

Tel.: 049 5591717 


Having concluded these quick digression on this our national heritage, it is imperative to mention what is probably the most popular Villa Veneto ever, the Friuli Villa Manin.
Located in the province of Udine Codroipo, is the residence of the last Doge of Venice and even hosted Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s important not only for its architectural grandeur, but also for all the works of art.
It is also used as a venue for art exhibitions and summer concerts led by international artists of rock . In June 2013 it will be the turn of “Kiss” and in July, “Rammstein”.


So not only the past then, but also the present and the future, with the art to act as a perfect conductor between such different periods in history.