The ice-cream: in caorle this pleasure can never miss What is better than a good ice-cream in order to find a cool relief during a warm summer day? In addition, do you agree with us that the ice-cream is the best “friend” for a quiet walk during a spring Sunday too? If you agree with us – and we are sure, you do – Caorle is certainly the ideal place for you.

The popular bathing locality of Veneto boasts a long tradition about ice-creams. A walk in the old town is sufficient in order to testify this passion for the very good handcrafted ice-cream: you will see many ice-cream shops that offer to tourists their counters, which are “laden” with several different tastes. If we want to go for this walk together, we have to start from Vescovado square; in the shade of the bell tower, the symbol of the city.

If you continue, you arrive in Pio X square and here you can find “A Botega del Gelato,” another very famous ice-cream shop that has been renovated this year. “Botega” offers handcrafted ice-creams, which are suitable for walks. For people who prefer “the ice,” there are here water ices, “calippos,” and a real dainty: that is to say the “ice-cold cream”. Crossing in Rio Terrà, it will not be difficult to count how many ice-cream shops are at disposal for greedy people: now we list the most famous here.

An historical ice-cream shop is certainly “Casa Del Gelato.” For decades, the Ongaros manage this historical shop where the ice-cream has already awarded many prizes. Here you will find a counter with the most varied tastes and small bowls that are suitable to be tasted at the numerous small tables.

Only few steps from here, there is “Casa Del Dolce”: there are here many ice-creams, fancy cakes and everything the lovers of “sugar” need too. Another obligatory stop for people who love the most elaborate small bowls of ice-cream is the coffee bar of Rio Terrà. It offers to tourists a wide choice of tastes for people who prefer the ice-cream in the small bowls.

Also for people who stop in Papa Giovanni XXIII square in order to go with their children on the fun fair, there are two ice-cream shops at disposal: that are “Dolci Pensieri” and “Amarena.” Near them, there is in addition another bar “Mister Gelato” with its cones and its small bowls. Remaining in the old town for people who have just visited the Bafile cultural centre, there are the ice-cream shop “ Arcobaleno” with its water ices of Sicily and its delicious ice-creams, and the ice-cream shop “Cà del Sol” with its neon sign and always new tastes.

People who love “the ice yoghurt” and the “crepes” have absolutely to have a walk in Calle Lunga: here two coffee bars –“Charlotte” and “Dolce vita” – are at disposal and they can satisfy your own most tempting desires. “La Galleria” in Roma Street is always for the lovers of crepes at disposal.

Certainly this short “excursus” does not want to be an exhaustive guide at the discover of ice-cream in Caorle. Too many pages are necessary in order to explain everything you have to know about the places where you can taste it (on foot or comfortably sitting, the choice is yours). For example in Rione Santa Margherita, there are other two good ice-cream shops: “Sottozero” and “SoleLuna.”

Anyway, in order to know every secret and, above all, in order to try every taste of the ice-cream of Caorle, you only have to spend some days of holiday in the Pearl of Adriatic Sea. And now? What are you waiting for?