Certainly the “magical” place par excellence to admire the enchanting old town of Caorle is the Lungomare Petronia promenade. On one side the blue sea and the sculptures of the “living cliff”, on the other the colourful houses and the beautiful Piazza Vescovado with its bell tower, symbol of the town.

However, there is another, even more exciting place from which to admire the whole city, and that place is the sky. Thanks to the airfield (located in Strada Tezzon, a few kilometres from the town) it is possible to board a small plane and enjoy the view of Caorle from above.

The facility has already become a reference point for all flying enthusiasts. It is run with passion and dedication by the “Volo al mare” Club, which has organised numerous attractive events in recent months.

The airfield has an 800 metre long and 30 metre wide runway, a helicopter pad and all the necessary facilities for aviators. There are over 3000 square metres of covered hangars, which can be accessed by anyone who wants to use the airfield facilities, even if only for a weekend. Pilots are given magnetic cards that allow easy access to the hangars and beyond. To ensure complete security, a video surveillance system is in operation 24 hours a day.

In addition to the hangars, two fuel distribution systems are available to Volo al Mare members, one for unleaded petrol and one for “aviation” petrol. For everyone, and therefore also for non-members, the small restaurant “Volo al Mare” is always open with fish specialities: “with a full belly – Club members like to say – you know you fly better”.

However, Caorle is a tourist town and so the guesthouse reserved for pilots who decide to spend a few days in Caorle or for aspiring aviators who want to combine a few weeks’ holiday in the Pearl of the Adriatic with a “full-immersion” flying course is a must.

A self-respecting airfield could not, of course, fail to guarantee a “flying school” service: the Club Volo al Mare offers many possibilities for those who want to approach aviation. There is the “Prova a Volare” formula, which involves two flying missions in one day, intensive piloting courses starting in April and, finally, the AeCi-certified Flying School No. 396. In short, everyone is given the chance to experience the thrill of flying!

For those wishing to fly to the Caorle airfield, the geographical coordinates are: 45° 36′ 43,0″N 12° 48′ 52,6″E.