The wine has a fundamental role in the cooking and in the culture of Caorle. People who visit the locality know that the public restaurants are always ready to welcome the tourists and to offer them a “shadow” – a glass of good wine at the right temperature – with “cicchetti,” the classic and typical snacks, which go well with the aperitifs in the Venetian zone.

From the little slice of bread with salami, to the croutons with dentex or fish, from the salted pies to fried vegetables and why not, to the small slices of pizza: everything in order to suit all the tastes. If you choose Caorle for the next summer holiday or if you choose it only to spend a weekend, surely you will be spoilt for choice as regards the restaurants or the bars, where you can taste a very good evening aperitif.

For example people who walk in the old country can pause in Largo Gandolfo by  “Cicchetteria” and Cocktail Bar ”Sapore di Vino”: here, only some minutes on foot from the cathedral of Caorle, you can taste a good drink in a well-kept and traditional place. “Di Vino” will be the point of reference for the lovers of slow drinks and relax. In Rio Terrà, also only few steps from the cathedral of Caorle, another place will attract your attention thanks to the characteristic neon illumination: this place is called “Bee Wine.” With its three storeys with a terrace on the last one, by “Bee Wine” you can taste wines and drinks, into a trendy and elegant place. During the summer, you can often listen to the performances of “Tritolo Acustic.” It is a trio of acoustic guitar players, who proposes its repertoire that is rich in covers. Another very popular place is “Gatto Nero”in Calle Lunga. In addition, here, into a welcome and friendly atmosphere, you can taste a rich range of wines, beers, and obviously the inevitable “spritz,” that is to say the aperitif of Veneto that is laced with Aperol and Campari and that nowadays you can find in all the Italian restaurants and bars. By “Gatto Nero,” you can taste your drink listening to good live music.

An unfailing destination for young people is “Sirò” in Rio Terrà: it is an “American Bar” with a modern and young design that offers sparkling wines and cocktails, which suit all tastes. The youngest customers can find here many occasions in order to amuse themselves and have parties thanks to the several events, which are organized by the managers of the place.

For people who love the classic sensations and the high-quality wines, which come from all the Italian regions, the right place is surely “Antica Enoteca Enos.” For over 50 years, this historical wine bar has been proposing 500 different wines. In addition to the takeaway wines, every day it will be possible to taste 30 wines, which go well with “cicchetti” and with other gastronomic specialities. You can drink and eat outdoor or in the cosy hall of the restaurant.

In Matteotti square, near the cultural centre, which is called Bafile, there is another place, which represents the point of reference for people who do not want to renounce to the aperitif: that is to say the Cocktail bar, which is called “Balife.” Its modern look and the very central position make it an “obligatory” pause place during every walk in the old country.

Many are the locals where you can satisfy your palate with drinks and tasty “cicchetti.” If you want to know them, you only have to come here in Caorle in order to discover them!