A network of rivers and canals built by the Republic of Venice during its apogee.

The waterway is a 127 km stretch of navigable water between the Region Veneto (68,5 km) and the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and it links together the rivers Sile, Piave, Livenza, Lemene, Tagliamento, Stella e Isonzo and the lagoons of Venice, Caorle, Marano and Grado.

Characterized by a natural and historical value, the waterway is navigable by canoes, small pleasure boats and boats propelled by paddling and provide a unique perspective of several scenario.

But there is more than the rivers with the stylish Venetian buildings smelling the history of Venice, and the variety of landscapes on the coastal area make the Litoranea so beautiful. Along the waterway, you can find quiet river mouths and lush river banks often made up rushes and small grooves. After that there is the countryside, or better the reclaimed land. These fertile area offer flavorful products which can be taste in some small restaurants or osteria not far from the harbors.

Starting from Jesolo and sailing along the river Cavetta, you reach the town Cortellazzo and the confluence of rivers Cavetta and Piave. Quietly the river Revedoli  goes into the river Brian, where you can often see some fishermen doing recreational fishing activity. Going away from the river basin located in the left river bank, you can carry on the floating tour up to the Livenza estuary and Porto Santa Margherita.

“The beaches of Caorle and Jesolo provide some lush pine grove only few kilometers away from the beaches.”

If you don’t want to go to the Adriatic Sea, you can sail on the river Varoggio brushing the whole city of Caorle. The waterway goes into the river Palangon, the small harbor, called Porto Falconera, and finally the Lagoon of Caorle. Here the Litoranea Veneta reveal its natural beauty.

The chairman of the Paddling Association Voga Caorle Alessandro Malpighi, told us some of the most beautiful canals of the Caorle’s lagoon are only navigable by paddling. In fact the shallow-canals are too narrow and they do not provide passage for vessels, but Alessandro believes it’s well worth it. In addition to, spring and summer season make more frequent the paddling activity along the Litoranea Veneta and you can see the so called “paddling raid” made up gondole, caorline, “sandoli” moving from the Venice’s lagoon to the North. Even foreign paddling associations crowd into the best-known rivers with their yoles, long oval-shaped regatta boats.