It is certainly not a feature common to many Italian and European beaches to have, a few steps from the sea, a wide natural oasis. From this point of view, Caorle is certainly an exception, thanks to the presence of Valle Vecchia, the green lung of the resort. Tourists who choose Caorle for their holiday can live a unique experience in one of the most beautiful wetlands in Europe, ValleVecchia.

“ValleVecchia Island” extends for about 900 hectares along the stretch of coastline between Caorle and Bibione, and is included in the geographical strip of sandy upper Adriatic coasts, like the piece of a large linear mosaic. The physical limits of the area consist of the Adriatic Sea to the south, the lagoon area and the inlet of Porto Falconera to the west, the Canadare and Cavanella canals to the north, and the lower section of the Lovi Canal, with the inlet and the lagoon reservoir of Porto Baseleghe to the east.

Bounded by lagoon, sea and river waters, it is a quiet “wild” area that retains a unique charm. Immersed in the oasis, among reeds and shrubs, you will see dozens and dozens of different species of birds, as well as, of course, breathtaking landscapes. The birdwatching towers positioned at strategic points are very useful.

The same landscapes were so loved by the great American writer Ernest Hemingway, whose book “Across the river and into the trees” was inspired by the beauty of ValleVecchia.

In addition to the wetlands, there is a beach where it is still possible to see the last dunes of the Adriatic, a lush pine forest and the agricultural landscape of the reclamation.

One of the most valuable elements of the enhancement program is undoubtedly the Environmental Museum of ValleVecchia. The museum is housed in a former drying room belonging to Veneto Agricoltura, and has been set up on three floors of the building. It has been curated by the Limosa Cooperative. Visitors are presented with models, explanatory panels, dioramas and even interactive stations that allow them to discover the secrets of the “green lung” of Caorle. Obviously, inside the museum there is also a “casone”, the typical marshy hut that for centuries has given shelter to the fishermen of Caorle.

The Operatori Naturalisti Limosa cooperative offers many other activities that allow tourists to fully experience Vallevecchia. For example, every year an interesting program of excursions is organized on foot, by bicycle or by horse-drawn carriage, to discover the most beautiful views of the naturalistic oasis.

Finally, during the summer and spring, the Ape Cooperative also offers a bicycle rental service that allows you to experience, in absolute freedom, a day in this precious “corner of paradise”.