The beach of Caorle is divided from the area of the historic center in two beaches: that of Levante and that of Ponente. From the name you can understand that in the first one, the one where the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo rises, you can see wonderful sunrises, while from the lighthouse and the mouth of the Licenza of the second one the sun seems to never set.

What substantially differentiates the Spiaggia di Levante from the Spiaggia di Ponente is that the former is much wider, while the latter has deeper water. This peculiarity is due to their conformation and to the natural position of the two coasts. The first one is therefore more suitable for families with small children, because they can play without danger on the shoreline, while those who love swimming should go to the beach of Ponente. Here, in fact, there are 6 floating platforms that act as natural pools in the middle of the sea, a fun attraction as long as they are used responsibly.

Among the various services, the Levante beach has the White Oasis, a deluxe area with large white gazebos, sunbeds and table. In the west beach there is, instead, the Green Oasis, with bar, restaurant and swimming pool facing the sea.

Unlike the other lidos of the Adriatic, beach services are managed by, a consortium that offers innovation and variety every year, in addition to the traditional “umbrella-bathing-bathing” service.

The coast of Caorle has for years been awarded the Blue Flag recognition given by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to the most beautiful and clean, accessible and environmentally sustainable beaches, which meet a series of selection criteria, with infrastructure possibly with low environmental impact and, last but perhaps most important, with clean seawater free of pollution.

For years Caorle has also had another prestigious recognition for its youngest guests! In fact, the beach of Caorle is part of the circuit of the coasts awarded with the Green Flag, a certification issued by Italian pediatricians that identifies child-friendly beaches, which provide clear and shallow water near the shore, clean sand to build castles, lifeguards, colorful games and the presence of ice cream parlors, bars and restaurants.

On the beach are also organized moments of fun with a dedicated animation and is made available a babysitting service. As for the play areas, there are slides, swings, volleyball courts and bowling greens all over the beach, as well as gym areas. Every day are also held in both beaches, water aerobics, aerobics and muscle toning classes open to all.
Entertainment is guaranteed for both children and adults!

Caorle is certainly a city that has made great efforts to guarantee “accessible tourism” for everyone. Its operators, both accommodation and catering, have adapted their facilities to ensure the necessary services to guests with disabilities and to eliminate architectural barriers. Important investments have also been made by beach managers to allow those with motor difficulties to enjoy sand and sea. And in fact are the same representatives of associations for the disabled to have confirmed that Caorle beaches are easily accessible by wheelchair, thanks to the presence of access ramps, lanes that lead up to the umbrellas and the provision of wheelchairs, made of light alloys and with large wheels, which allow you to get to the sea through the sand.

There are 9 restrooms along the Levante beach and 8 along the Ponente beach, each with male and female restrooms and service for the disabled, and as many as 200 shower stalls to freshen up.

Obviously, even four-legged friends are welcome on the beach of Caorle! In the Levante beach there is the Bau Beach section, an equipped beach with the possibility of access to the sea through a dedicated corridor. In the west beach, however, there is the Pets’s Beach Arena, a stretch of free beach not equipped and delimited by special signs, and with access to the sea through a limited corridor. you can relax undisturbed on the bed together with your pet, which indeed will also have a special place for him, bowls for water and all the other comforts necessary to ensure a peaceful vacation even to four-legged friends. Equipped with a leash (and muzzle for medium-large breeds) you can walk your dog and swim in the sea within the area delimited by floats. The day at the beach will be really funny and moreover the service costs the same as the other beach areas, in short, there is no extra charge for the dog. To access these areas, owners will have to show the staff the health booklet of the animal that must be equipped with the microchip required by law.

The lifeguard service is guaranteed throughout the beach, even in stretches of free beach, and in some areas there is also the service of assistance of “dogs – lifeguard”. Safety on the beach is one of the aspects on which the Arenili Consortium pays more attention. Throughout the summer a rescue service is operational with rescue personnel for a total of 22 watchtowers distributed between the beaches of Levante and Ponente. Moreover, avant-garde means of rescue at sea have been adopted, such as jet skis and Rescue Surf (boards able to support two people: rescuer and injured person). There is also an efficient nursing system with two mobile and two fixed stations and a segway service that can reach all points of the beach quickly and comfortably.

The beach of Caorle, in short, really has everything that can serve to ensure anyone to spend a peaceful and pleasant vacation!